God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things.  God is eternal, immutable, immaterial, unique, omnipotent, supremely just and good. The Universe is God’s creation. It encompasses all rational and non-rational beings, animate and inanimate, material and immaterial. In addition to the corporeal world inhabited by incarnate Spirits, which are Human Beings, there exists the spiritual world, inhabited by discarnate Spirits.

Within the Universe there are other inhabited worlds, with beings at different stages of evolution: some equal, others more or less evolved than Earthly Human Beings.

All the Laws of Nature are Divine Laws because God is their author. They cover both the physical and moral laws.

A Human Being is a Spirit incarnated in a material body. The perispirit is the semi-material body that unites the Spirit to the physical body.

Spirits are the intelligent beings of creation. They constitute the world of the Spirits, that pre-exists and outlives everything.

Spirits are created simple and ignorant. They evolve intellectually and morally, passing from a lower order to a higher one, until they attain perfection, where they will enjoy unalterable bliss.

Spirits preserve their individuality before, during and after each incarnation.

Spirits reincarnate as many times as is necessary for their spiritual advancement.

Spirits are always progressing.  In their multiple physical existences, they may sometimes become stationary, but they never regress.  The speed of their intellectual and moral progress depends on the efforts they make to attain perfection.

Spirits belong to different orders according to the degree of perfection they have attained: Pure Spirits, who have attained maximum perfection; Good Spirits, whose predominant desire is towards goodness and Imperfect Spirits, characterised by their ignorance, their tendency towards evil and by their lower passions.

The Spirits’ relationship with Human Beings are constant and have always existed. The Good Spirits attract us towards goodness, sustain us in life’s trials and help us bear them with courage and resignation.  The Imperfect Spirits induce us towards error.

Jesus is the Guide and Model for all Humankind. The Doctrine He taught and exemplified is the most pure expression of God’s Law.

The morality of Christ, as contained in the Gospels, is the pathway for the secure progress of all Human Beings.  Its practice is the solution for all human problems and the objective to be attained by Humankind.